The Most Impressive Handling Of An Airline Mistake Fare, Ever

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Several days ago Hong Kong Airlines published some outrageously cheap business class fares originating in the US, as you could fly roundtrip to Asia for under $600 roundtrip.

I think it goes without saying that this was a mistake fare, and not surprisingly, tons of people took advantage of it. Back in the day the US Department of Transportation would require airlines to honor mistake fares, though that’s no longer the case.

So the reality is that the airline didn’t have to honor these fares. I’ll actually take it a step further — I don’t think that ethically airlines should have to honor mistake fares, at least in a case like this, where it’s extremely obvious. They should have to let passengers know very quickly if they won’t honor them, and they shouldn’t be able to cancel them in situations that are non-obvious, in my opinion.

Less than a day after the mistake fare “died” Hong Kong Airlines publicly confirmed that they’d be honoring these cheap fares, and that’s of course great.

However, what has really impressed me is the way they’ve communicated regarding these fares.

Here’s what the official Hong Kong Airlines Twitter account wrote after the mistake fare:

Then here’s what Hong Kong Airlines’ CMO Tweeted after the airline said they’d honor the fares:

Color me very impressed. Again, for me this isn’t about ethics, or about whether or not they honored the fare. For me this is just about plain good marketing.

Sometimes we see airlines honor mistake fares reluctantly, which seems counterproductive. If you’re going to honor a fare like this then at least take advantage of the good publicity associated with it. If you’re not going to generate goodwill from a potentially costly mistake, then it’s truly a lose-lose.

What impresses me so much here is the quick response and positive attitude from Hong Kong Airlines. They’re quickly owning up to the mistake, are saying “oops,” are reminding people they keep their promises as a brand, and are telling people to enjoy their product.

If you’re going to honor a mistake fare, that’s exactly the way to do it.

Very well done, Hong Kong Airlines!

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